Canada’s biggest social and economic problems can seem impossibly complex.

Until you have a blueprint for change.

We help policymakers and practitioners build dynamic solutions to evolving challenges. Together, we generate and use evidence to enable pragmatic innovation leading to systems and policies that drive social change and improve lives.

Our Capabilities
Set Us Apart

Complex problems demand a diverse toolkit. Our team employs wide-ranging skills and expertise to help our clients and partners find solutions.

Social R&D

We develop and test cutting-edge approaches to evidence generation and use in the social sector to create new insights and innovations.


We evaluate models, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide guidance on replicating and scaling successes.


We provide client-centered, solutions-oriented consulting services that help our partners make evidence-informed decisions.

Demonstration Projects

We lead demonstration projects to test innovations with the potential for broad impact.


We use analytics to inform decision-making by identifying connections, trends and insights in data collected by governments and community organizations.


We use rigorous research and human-centered design principles to optimize the design and delivery of programs and services.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to generating and using evidence empowers us and our partners to develop agile, responsive solutions.

Rigorous Analysis

We leverage our diverse capabilities to develop solutions that are credible to a wide range of stakeholders.

Real World Solutions

People are at the centre of what we do. We develop practical solutions that drive change and improve lives.

Partnerships Built on Trust

We are collaborative, approachable and ready to help. We pride ourselves on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients and partners.