Our Team

Our team brings together hands-on experience, cutting-edge approaches, and a collaborative mindset. 

Headshot of Alberta Johnson

Alberta Johnson


Alberta uses her passion for data and technology to help non profit clients across numerous sectors successfully collect, understand, manage, and leverage their data to communicate impact and improve their services.

Headshot of Alex Rand

Alex Rand

Senior Associate

Alex combines his background in economics and public policy with expertise in quantitative research methods to design evidence-based policy solutions across a range of policy areas, including mental health, criminal justice and governance of emerging technologies.

Headshot of Alexis Fefer

Alexis Fefer

Senior Project Manager

Alexis believes that the Future of Work should offer meaningful career opportunities for all Canadians. She draws on her work experience across the tech, economic development and education sectors to support innovative projects in workforce development.

Andrea Gonzalez

Senior Associate

Andrea is fueled by a curiosity to make services and systems more inclusive. She merges her passion for social impact with her background as a multidisciplinary UX researcher, along with her experience in equity-centered research, to help clients reimagine solutions across different policy domains, such as community safety and youth development.

Headshot of Anoushka Chandarana

Anoushka Chandarana


Anoushka blends her education in public policy, sociology, and global affairs with her passion for data-driven research to design, develop and evaluate innovative solutions in various policy areas, such as immigrant integration, workforce development and skills training.

Headshot of Aryeh Ansel

Aryeh Ansel

Senior Associate

Aryeh combines his education in business and public policy with his passion for finding new solutions to old problems to support policy-makers and practitioners leverage innovation and evidence across career guidance and skills development projects.

Headshot of Barbara Asenso

Barbara Asenso

Project Manager

Barbara uses her passion for sustainable social impacts and her expertise in community planning, project management, research and policy analysis to rethink policy development and evaluation processes through multiple disciplinary, bottom-up and active participatory approaches.

cameron's headshot

Cameron Norman

Vice President of Evidence Generation

Cameron leads the Evidence Generation team, combining experience as a Credentialed Evaluator, behavioural scientist, and strategic designer to lead evidence generation and its translation into inspired services, innovations, and policies. His goal is to inspire people, using evidence and design to make lives better for Canadians.

Headshot of Christiana Oladeselu

Christiana Oladeselu

Manager, People and Culture

Christiana is an experienced Human Resources (HR) professional who constantly identifies and deploys innovative solutions to workplace and business challenges. With hands-on experience and advanced education in HR Management, she successfully manages diverse human resources initiatives, projects and programs.

Headshot of Crystal Kuarsingh

Crystal Kuarsingh

Manager, PMO

Crystal believes that cultural intelligence inspires effective leadership. She combines her passion for mentoring and team facilitation with over ten years managing complex, multi-disciplined projects, in both traditional and agile atmospheres, to elicit change and growth.

Headshot of Emily Colpitts

Emily Colpitts

Principal Associate

Emily blends her passion for using research to advance social justice with her expertise in community engagement and qualitative research to design and evaluate innovative solutions in various policy areas, including gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, community safety and well-being, and gender equity.

Headshot of Emma Elbourne-Weinstock

Emma Elbourne-Weinstock


Emma is passionate about research that supports the pursuit of social justice. She combines a background in political theory and expertise in qualitative research to design and evaluate innovative solutions in various policy areas such as housing and Indigenous self-determination.

Headshot of Galen Voysey

Galen Voysey


Galen combines his background in complex problem-solving with an expertise in research and quantitative methods to design and evaluate policy measures across a range of areas including housing and income security.

Headshot of Heather MacArthur

Heather MacArthur

Senior Associate

Heather is an experienced social science researcher and data analyst who draws on expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate programs across policy issues. Her background in Social Psychology and Gender Studies positions her to attend to issues of social justice and evidence-based practice in all of her work.

Headshot of Ian Chan

Ian Chan

Chief Operating Officer

Ian is a mission-oriented, seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience. He plays a critical role in the development and execution of all operational functions at Blueprint. His goal is to enable an environment where Blueprinters can operate at their peak performance, so that we have the greatest probability of realizing our vision.

Headshot of Jane Hilderman

Jane Hilderman

Vice President Public Affairs & Partnerships

Jane brings her passion for evidence-driven decisions to Blueprint, leveraging its wealth of insights and solutions-oriented tools to drive better outcomes for Canadians. Over the past decade, Jane has held senior roles in the non-profit sector in Ontario and Manitoba—leading teams, facilitating partnerships and shaping public policy and programs.

Headshot of Jenna Goddard

Jenna Goddard

Senior Associate, Business Intelligence & Systems in Strategy and Operations

Jenna uses her experience in operations and business intelligence and passion for data-driven solutions to bring a strategic approach to strengthening internal tools and processes.

Headshot of Jess McKeown

Jess McKeown


Jess applies her background in education with her passion for fostering accessible and inclusive learning environments to the design, implementation and evaluation of programs across the skills development ecosystem.

Headshot of Jessica Schmidt

Jessica Schmidt

Principal Associate

Jessica blends her passion for social justice with her expertise in research and policy analysis to guide collaborative and meaningful program and policy solutions in youth development and community safety.

Headshot of Jing Chong

Jing Chong

Senior Associate

Jing utilizes her passion for evidence-based program evaluation with her expertise in mixed-method research to help clients strengthen the quality of their programs and improve the program outcomes when addressing complex social and economic problems.

Headshot of Joshua Loo

Joshua Loo


Joshua is a research-oriented professional whose interests lie at the intersection of economics and policy. He uses his quantitative academic training in economics with his experience conducting mixed-methods research for non-profit organizations to contribute towards Blueprint's development of insights and innovative solutions.

Headshot of Karen Myers

Karen Myers

President and CEO

As Blueprint’s founder and leader, Karen leads a diverse team of researchers to develop innovative solutions that enable evidence-informed design and delivery. Over the past 20 years she has a developed a strong reputation for delivering real-world solutions to even the most complex challenges and has helped establish Blueprint as a leader in the use of innovation and evidence to address pressing public policy issues.

Headshot of Lauren Kupcho

Lauren Kupcho

Senior Associate

Lauren combines her experience conducting labor market research with her education in social policy to develop insights into conditions, policies and programs that drive impactful and equitable workforce outcomes.

Headshot of Lauren Mina

Lauren Mina

Director of Finance and Administration

Lauren applies her past experience in Finance and Human Resources to bring structure and accuracy to Blueprint’s operations.

Headshot of Lexie Maister

Lexie Maister

Senior Associate

Lexie uses her experience in  policy, programming, knowledge translation and public health education to make evaluation accessible and evidence useable. She engages stakeholders and builds capacity in innovative evaluation strategies, such as participatory and arts-based methods, to generate and share evidence to promote equity.

Lisa Slack Headshot

Lisa Slack

Senior Associate

Lisa brings experience from the private, public and nonprofit sectors, enabling her to analyze problems from various angles and leverage data to identify innovative solutions. Her approach to evaluation is grounded in relationship building and stakeholder management across diverse domains.

Headshot of Maheen Khan

Maheen Khan


Maheen combines her education in anthropology and sociology and passion for inclusive programming to design and evaluate innovative solutions in areas such as international development, labor rights and gender equality.

Mahir's headshot

Mahir Muhammad


Mahir comes from a variety of roles in technology, business and education. He combines his experience to help guide clients across numerous policy domains such as workforce development, community development, and housing.

Maklane Headshot

Maklane deWever


Maklane leverages his expertise in technology, politics, and economics to help clients address complex technical and policy challenges through enhancing their data capacity.

Headshot of Mark McKerrow

Mark McKerrow

Senior Associate

Mark is a trained quantitative social research professional with an expertise in research design and causal inference. His skills helps clients analyze data to answer important policy questions related to skills development, labour market outcomes and income security.

Headshot of Max Palamar

Max Palamar

Vice President of Data Capacity and Analytics

As a co-founder of Blueprint, Max brings a passion for using data to build practical solutions for Blueprint’s clients and partners. He uses his deep expertise in analytics and evaluation to help decision-makers leverage data and evidence to strengthen policies and programs.

Max also acts as Blueprint's Data Privacy Officer.

Headshot of Michelle Zhong

Michelle Zhong

Senior Associate

Michelle brings her passion for social justice and human-centred design thinking to help clients across numerous policy domains including career development innovation, newcomer settlement, and community safety.

Headshot of Miles Kenyon

Miles Kenyon

Senior Communications Associate

Miles applies his background in journalism, academic research, data science and human rights to implement knowledge mobilization tactics that translate complex research into actionable strategies.

Headshot of Molly Doan

Molly Doan

Director of Inclusive Practice

Molly combines her passion for inclusive research and social service design with her strategic consulting expertise to help public sector and non-profit partners across numerous policy domains–including workforce development, youth success, and community safety and well-being–generate, use, and amplify evidence about what works.

Headshot of Natalie Conte

Natalie Conte

Associate Director, Policy & Partnerships

Natalie utilizes her education in public policy and experience in policy analysis, evaluation, and project management to lead complex projects that test solutions in policy domains including workforce development, youth services, and education.

Headshot of Roua Aljied

Roua Aljied

Senior Associate

Roua is passionate about finding data-driven solutions that contribute to sustainable change. She uses her education in engineering and love for storytelling to analytically and creatively approach the challenges in policy domains - including health, immigration, and community justice.

Headshot of Rusty Patriquin

Rusty Patriquin

Senior Associate, Strategy and Operations

Rusty is an experienced administrator who is focused on ensuring operational excellence by bringing structure to unstructured problems through executive support, team coordination and IT & facilities management.

Headshot of Samridhi Kundra

Samridhi Kundra


Samridhi brings her passion for community building, data and technology to help clients across numerous policy domains including workforce development and program development to implement digital solutions that allows them to better manage and leverage their data.

Headshot of Sanya Jha

Sanya Jha


Sanya merges her education in economics and policy with a passion for data driven research to evaluate innovative solutions in various policy areas, including newcomers, skills training and workforce development.

Sheetal Lodhia headshot

Sheetal Lodhia

Senior Associate

Sheetal has a passion for advancing social justice through research,  and translating complex studies into accessible media. She specializes in designing and evaluating creative solutions across various policy areas, namely, arts, education, newcomer settlement, community building, and Indigenous and minority self-determination.

headshot of Spencer Gordon

Spencer Gordon

Principal Associate, Senior Writer & Editor

Spencer uses his background in higher education, skills development, and nonprofits, along with expertise in clear communication and knowledge mobilization strategies, to simplify complexity. He turns data into actionable insights for stakeholders in social policy.

Headshot of Tanya Sethi

Tanya Sethi

Associate Director, Evidence Generation

Tanya uses her education in public policy with a passion for mixed-methods evaluation and expertise in communicating research to decision-makers to help design and implement better policies in areas such as health, education and international development.

Headshot of Thomas McManus

Thomas McManus

Principal Associate

Thomas is driven by his passion for solving complex puzzles and uses his expertise in data analysis and visualization to communicate policy-relevant insights in workforce development, service delivery, and income security.

Headshot of Ulises Pallares

Ulises Pallares


Ulises is an expert in program management and evaluation. With over 20 years of experience working with governments, nonprofit organizations and academia across the Americas, he leverages his technical knowledge and hands-on expertise in research and evaluation to solve complex challenges in the areas of social inclusion and innovation.

Zahireen headshot

Zahireen Tarefdar


Zahireen has a professional background in the post-secondary ecosystem and in facilitating youth civic engagement on social justice issues. She brings her knack for combining effective storytelling with critical research methodologies to the Blueprint team.

Headshot of Zainab Yusuf Khorakiwala

Zainab Yusuf Khorakiwala


Zainab combines her education in public policy and journalism with a passion for socio-economic rights to research and analyze evidence across various policy domains including employment services, immigration, and community workforce development.


We’re looking for people interested in developing solutions to complex social problems.

Blueprint is strongly committed to equal opportunities in employment and reflecting the diverse communities we serve. We welcome and encourage applications from all minority group members, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+, and other who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. 

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