Sharing our key insights - Evidence Summary 2021

We drive innovation, support scaling decisions, and help build a culture of evidence-based decision making. In 2021, Blueprint led important work “beyond the pilot”, working with policy makers and program practitioners to improve program delivery.


In 2021, Blueprint launched new evidence initiatives, plans and products across Canada in partnership with the Future Skills Centre.

Check out our key insights from the year in Blueprint’s FSC Evidence Summary 2021: Our Insights

Découvrez nos principaux aperçus de l'année en Sommaire 2021 de Blueprint des Données Probantes du CCF : Nos Idées

This year’s Evidence Summary outlines the progress we’ve made towards our three evidence generation objectives:

●       Aligning evidence generation with the innovation cycle: Innovations at different stages need different evidence practices. We’ve been developing a toolkit of approaches to meet interventions wherever they sit in the innovation cycle. Through the Responsive Career Pathways Initiative, we’re developing and testing a mission-oriented approach to help generate forward-looking solutions for career guidance.


●       Providing technical assistance and capacity-building: Practitioners need support to develop, test, and scale interventions. We’ve been working closely with practitioners to build their capacity and provide assistance across the program cycle. Through the Practitioner Data Initiative, we’re helping community service agencies use data to improve decision making and enhance service delivery.


●      Creating a framework for multi-dimensional evidence generation: Interventions that are effective in one context need support to realize their potential in others. We’ve been creating a multi-dimensional framework for evidence generation to help move projects towards scaling which we are testing now.


Going “beyond the pilot” means expanding into implementation science, knowledge mobilization, stakeholder engagement, human-centered design, strategic consulting, and data management.

We need a more agile approach that not only delivers timely insights into whether a program works, but why it works and how it can be improved.

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